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Travel Tips

Travel Tips


■Shimane Prefecture 673,891
■Matsue City 201,525


■Shimane Prefecture 6,707.95km²
■Matsue City 530.35km²


Rainy Season: Middle of June - Middle of July
Snow Season: December - February

Time Zone



100 volts AC, 60Hz, Flat 2-pin plugs


Country dialing code

Country Code +81
(Omit the first 0 from the telephone number)

Pre-paid International telephone card (KDDI)

International Credit calls (NTT)


Wi-Fi Spot

  • Hotels (Please ask at front desk)
  • Kunibiki Messe Free Wi-Fi
  • Matsue Terrsa Free Wi-Fi (Need a password to access)
  • Matsue City Free Wi-Fi 
  • Shimane Hajimari Free Wi-Fi (Izumo Airport, Prefectural Museums, and Shimane Prefectural Products and Tourist center etc…)
  • Enmusubi Smart Navi Free Wi-Fi (Matsue JR Station Bus Terminal, Matsue Castle Area. Matsue Vogel Park etc…)


Matsue City is remarkably safe city. The crime rate is quite low.

In an emergency, dial 110 (Police) or 119 (Fire/Ambulance).

Medical Service

  • Matsue Red Cross Hospital: 0852-24-2111
  • Matsue City Hospital: 0852-60-8000
  • Matsue Seikyo Hospital: 0852-23-1111
  • For safe travels in Japan (website)

General Business Hours

■Banks 9:00a.m- 3:00p.m (weekdays)
■Restaurants 11:00a.m- 9:00p.m
■Convenience Stores 24 hours


Japan is still a cash based society. Credit cards and debit cards are becoming increasingly accepted in Matsue City. However they are not used as much as in western countries.

Currency Exchange

You can change your money at the main airports (Narita International, Tokyo International, Kansai International Airport etc.) .
In Matsue City,you can change your money at the Sanin Godo Bank, and Matsue Central Post Office.

Also, a multilingual currency exchange machine is installed at Yonago Airport.

They should have the current rates of exchange clearly on display. You will need your passport when you want to change some money.


Sanin Godo Bank (Weekdays 9:00a.m - 3:00p.m)

Japan Post Bank(Weekdays 9:00a.m - 6:00p.m)

ATM(CD) are available on weekdays,weekends and holidays.Business hour are different depending on the store and the day of the week.

Credit Card

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club,Discover,中国銀聯


Japan has a 10% sales tax (2019.10 - )

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