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Various support systems

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Matsue City Convention Sightseeing Buses


Conventions that are eligible for Matsue City subsidies are also eligible to use the services of Matsue City Convention Sightseeing Buses. Specifically, conventions that are held in Matsue City, that cover at least the Chugoku Region, and that last at least two days, are eligible.

Terms of Use

  • In your desired sightseeing course, please incorporate at least two tourist sights (fee-requiring sights) in Matsue City. However, at least one of those sights must be Matsue Castle, the Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum, the Samurai Residence, or Matsue Vogel Park, or Matsue History Museum.
  • Buses are available for four hours per day. (For additional time, the actual expenses involved must be paid). At least 35 passengers are necessary per bus.
  • Up to three buses are available per group. However, in the case of a large convention or other situations, please consult with us for special arrangements.
  • Buses may not travel outside Matsue City.

Reserving a Sightseeing Bus

Tourist Season (April-November): Reservations are accepted from 3 months to 1 month in advance.
Off Season (December-March): Reservations are accepted from 1 month to 20 days in advance.

Other Explanations

  • A surcharge will be levied when a bus is chartered for an entire day.
  • Please consult with us if you would like us to provide a sightseeing course and bus guide.
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